Ooni Pro Pizza Oven – Love Pizza? Have it cooked in 60 seconds!

Ooni Pro Pizza Oven

We’ve all got someone in our lives who already has everything. If you’re looking for an innovative, fun gift that will make your gift-giving skills legendary, look no further.

Presenting the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven!

What It’s All About

The Ooni Pro pizza oven is basically your own backyard steel furnace complete with a chimney stack, a special compartment for fuel, and a stone floor perfect for roasting pizza or any type of flatbread. Made in Finland by a company that specializes in transportable wood-fired ovens, this is their most popular model.

How It Works

There’s a hole at the back where you fuel it up with either wood or charcoal. If you’re so inclined, you can even hook it up to a pellet burner or gas. Before you get it hot, lay down the interlocking pizza stones within the backing area to warm up. Remove them when you’re done (but wait until they’re cool!)

Once you get the logs in there, they’ll come up to heat in just under 20 minutes and reach a whopping 932 degrees Fahrenheit. If you know anything about pizza, you know the reason your home oven doesn’t produce the same results as delivery is largely down to a lack of heat. Pizza and flatbread are made to bake ultra-fast and ultra-hot, but with most home ovens never going much beyond 500 degrees, there’s only so much you can do. This fun gift solves that problem neatly, and the thermometer on the door lets you know the status of the temperature at all times.

The Results

If you love pizza, there’s nothing not to like about this. Your pizza is cooked in an amazing 60 seconds. In fact, if you leave it in much longer, you’ll end up with nothing but ash. And the taste is phenomenal: you get all the “true” pizza crust flavor and texture love you enjoy from your favorite pizza joint, but at home and with the freedom to do it all yourself with the ingredients you want to use.

Plus, stoking the fire to keep it going is absolutely addictive fun. There is a short learning curve, but it’s indeed very short. The only thing you’ll ever regret about this gift is that you’re giving it to someone else.


Is there anything to detract from the wonder of this efficient flatbread-baking machine? In our opinion, there are no deal-breakers here. It’s made of metal, so it looks a bit like the kind of submersible you’d use to explore the Titanic. If you know your friend has a passion for “authentic” brick or clay pizza domes, they might be disappointed.

There’s a window in the front for you to watch your bake, but honestly, it will smoke up on the first cook and never be all that useable. And, you’ll need a yard. It’s too hot for the house. But if your friend or loved one will be ok with that, we think they’ll love it.




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